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    Well, shiver me timbers. There's a seagoing yarn resurrected from the depths of the Satan Issue #7. Join the Captain, the crew and Satan, too in The Island of Dirty Old Men.

Mythos Nocturnal continues with episodes 4 and 5. Just look for this icon:

   Follow this icon to get to this new feature. It's on the main page, Reads and What's New pages.

   What would you do if you tossed your old tennis shoes in the closet and they never hit the floor? Wouldn't notice? OK, what would happen if your dog ran in the closet and didn't come out? You'd go in after him wouldn't you? Sure you would. And what if he wasn't there? If you've read episodes 1-3 you'll want to find out who Lucon is and why everybody seems to know him. Read Mythos Nocturnal.

See you online,

Dave and Brad

   There have been several more chapters added the Interactive Story, so log on and see where it's gone

It's up to you where this story goes.....

   AND I've hooked the website up with PayPal, so you don't have to run down Brad or Me down in an abandoned alleyway to get your copy of Tales From the Still-Beating Heart. Just order it through the PayPal shopping cart on the website and I'll run it over to the post office as fast as my wobbly legs will carry me. Issue IX is available in magazine and CD form. Issue VIII is available in the magazine form.

The Alien Invasion Issue VIII The Mad Scientist Issue IX

   We're looking forward to looking over more submissions for the new magazine, Tales From a Distant Star. This is a Sci-fi/Fantasy zine, so don't hold back.

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